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We are proud of the feedback we have received from our clients in over 75 countries. Read their comments about our products and services Infopoll offers:

At Borland we required a fast and reliable online survey solution and Infopoll came through with flying colors. We required a survey solution that would get us up and running quickly and handle a heavy submission load. With Infopoll we went from survey design to receiving tens of thousands of submissions and running live online reports the very same day. Every step was extremely simple, but when we did have questions, Infopoll was there with prompt and knowledgeable support. We highly recommend this company.

Michael Swindell, Director of. Products

I have been extremely impressed with both the high quality of Infopoll's Internet Survey products, and the emphasis Infopoll places on responsive, customer service. Our clients (whether it be for market research or customer satisfaction surveys) demand high quality analysis and very fast project turn-around time. Infopoll enables us to deliver both. We'll be using Infopoll on our next project

Dick Unsworth, President 

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Learning and Skills Development Agency to thank you for your support throughout the launch of our survey. It has been a rewarding and positive experience. We will use this service again. Thank you once again.

Mishael Soremekun
Learning & Skills Development Agency, UK

Infopoll's Internet survey tool has been deployed by this group in the past two and a half years for many centrally organized training events through out EMEA to collect student feedback on technical training which they attended. We are extremely impressed with the ease of use, reliability and real time knowledge feedback regarding our training events. The tool allows us to monitor the student's rating of the technical training organized by us and their feedback of what needs to be improved all in real time. It gives us the opportunity to make corrections immediately rather than wait till the next event, which traditional paper surveys offered.  It is because of the product capabilities and also excellent services provided by Infopoll in the past that we have selected Infopoll as the provider for the overall EMEA Education Services training survey requirement. Also, it is HP EMEA Education Service's strategy to use the Internet/Intranet as the backbone for complete training life cycle and the Infopoll eBusiness Intelligence Suite fits nicely into this strategy.

Mr. Rajkay, Director of Education Service

Because of the limited amount of public information on day traders, I had no choice but to develop my own Day Trader Survey. I would like to thank Infopoll and especially Bob Lawrence and Jeff Wang for their assistance in developing a state-of-art fifty-seven question in-depth Survey for Day Traders. I signed up with the firm at, a fee-based service, and I was extremely impressed with the high level of survey sophistication and easy setup routine in preparing the survey questions.

The survey was set up on - a top-notch polling site that hosts surveys and provides real-time analysis and cross-referencing of questions. The most amazing aspect of Infopoll was the ability to view a real-time survey analysis in colorful graphics and tables (with percentages) at any point in time. Moreover, the software provided speedy cross-tabulations and reports, as well as an effortless spreadsheet download for further analysis. I highly recommend Infopoll to anyone considering surveying or polling.

Leslie N Masonson - best-selling author
Day Trading on the Edge
A Look-Before-You-Leap Guide to Extreme Investing

They said it could not be done! My client wanted a comprehensive Employee Satisfaction study but their workforce (about 700 employees) was fearful and unwilling to "tell the truth."  Using your Infopoll system, we constructed a 120 question instrument and constructed a support system to reassure the employees. The skip pattern allowed for up to 19 open ends with generous response fields. The result? Line employees participated at nearly 70% in just 6 field-days. Management tallied 87% participation in just 4 field-days. To their astonishment, we had topline data to the client in one week from coming out of the field; including tab and code of the major open ends. They are beyond impressed and, thanks to Infopoll, we have sent shockwaves through their industry.

Dan Greenblat, President
Viewpoint America

"Bob from Infopoll called me and asked that I provide you with a reference for the Infopoll software and company. I must say that it is the best survey design, analysis, and data collection software I have come across. The staff at infopoll is efficient and quick in their response time, eagerness to provide technical support and ability to offer good business solutions."

M. C. Barkley
Market Research Analyst - Institutional Lending
GE Capital Mortgage Services, Inc.

"First of all, just let me say thanks again for spending the time you did to migrate my data to MS SQL 7 and configure the infopoll server to use that database. It is reasonable to expect good customer service, but you go above and beyond what should be expected and I really appreciate it. I hope that I might sometime return the favor to you and if that time doesn't come that I might be as generous in helping someone else as you have been in helping me."

Dr. John Jay Koriath, President
Executive Development Associates & Full Circle Learning, Inc.

I just want to say "Thank you". It's this kind of personal attention and support that has made us a loyal Infopoll customer!

David Deming,Product Manager
Macromedia Inc

What is a wonderful product! This is to let you know that at 12:30 Friday afternoon March 30 we activated the English and French Business Start-up Assistant survey on our Web site. We am really pleased that it is finally up and that the results can be viewed so easily on the Web. Thanks for your assistance in making it possible.

Canada Business Service Centres
National Secretariat

You've probably heard this before - but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We have been so impressed with your services.

Linda Bruce
Consulting and Audit Canada

"Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with your service - the online reporting is awesome!"

Greg Weber, President and Founder
Priorities Consumer Insights, Redmond, Washington, USA

I also want to let you know that we've been receiving exceptional support from your technical department, which is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Corinne Fontaine, Vice President
Environics International Ltd.

Thank you for your quick assistance. Infopoll's support has been very good for a first-time user.

J Ericksont
SoftBrands Manufacturing

Thank you for your quick assistance. Your software works just outstandingly!

Michal Rozkydalek
CzechTrade Int'l Office

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help during the administration of this survey. The software is great and I am definitely planning on using it again!

Lyndsey Martin
Eastern Michigan University

I am finishing up using your services and wanted to let someone in management know how pleased I was with your product, people and company.

When my IS department could not provide the level of survey tool needed, your company was recommended. From the beginning the product was easy to download, learn and use. Not a typical product feature in this economy. Also, Your support was always available either by phone or eMail to help answer my questions or concerns when I didn't get something correct. How refreshing: a company that actually has personnel that knows how to service its customers and is knowledgeable about its product. Please keep up the high standards you obviously set for your company and Infopoll will do well against its competitors. I look forward to recommending your services to others.

Gail K. Yanek
The Dow Chemical Company

We really appreciate the excellent service you provide and recommend you very highly. I look forward to continuing working with you and your team.

Rudayna Abdo, AICP

Wow! I am impressed - you guys are GREAT!. It looks perfect.

Mary Campbell, Internal Quality Consultant
Washington State Library