Infopoll Server

The industry-standard survey, data collection and business Intelligence Analysis Server Engine

As the first internet-enabled survey engine, Infopoll Server is the world's most innovative solution for collecting, analyzing and delivering; business intelligence across the entire enterprise for mission-critical applications. Infopoll Server provides maximum security and control for collecting, analyzing and communicating real-time data and results.

Infopoll Server 8.5 is a formidable Internet-enabled server engine capable of setting up, managing and processing real-time surveys, collecting data and analyzing and delivering real time business intelligence on demand. it is available for Windows and Linux.


How Infopoll Server works

  1. Users of Infopoll Designer create their question with the easy to use Infopoll Designer.
  2. Users publish their survey online from Infopoll Designer with click of a button. The Infopoll Server instantly validates the user account, dynamically creates the survey database, sets up a survey form accessible to respondents and immediately informs the user of the survey form URL.
  3. Collects and stores the survey data. The Server then automatically updates the database as it collects the survey data submitted by respondents.
  4. Analyzes the survey data. The Server then performs a number of statistical analyses on the survey data in the database.
  5. Reports the survey results to the Internet. The Server publishes live survey reports to the Internet immediately after collecting and analyzing the survey.

Unique Features

Easy To Install and Use


Accessible Anywhere and Anytime

Maximum Security and Control

Support Industry-standard Databases

Scalable and Reliable

Intelligent, Real-time, Multi-dimensional Analysis

Live, Deliverable and Customized Reports in Minutes

Other Features

System Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infopoll available to license and what operating systems it supports?

Yes. You can purchase a license of a customized Infopoll Server to be installed/managed on your web server, running under IIS under Windows Server or Apache web server under Linux.

What is the survey data stored? Is it in industry-standard database?

The survey data is stored in an industry-standard database. However, it can be configured to another database server if you prefer.

What about hardware sizing, what would be the recommended cpu, memory for the server and how many users can this setup typically support? 

We recommend the latest Intel or AMD processor with 8GB RAM.   The more RAM you have available, the better the performance will be. It all depends on your site load.

Can the Database Server be installed and run from a different machine instead of the web server machine?

Yes, it can even run on a different operating system such as Linux 

How easy to install and manage Infopoll Server?

The default installation and configuration is very simple. It should not take more than 30 minutes for any web administrator to complete it. After installation, the server can be managed from any web browser, locally or remotely. As always, our technical support team is available to help if needed.

Does Infopoll Support a Secure site?

Yes. you can configure your web server using SSL(Secure Socket Layer) to support the HTTPS protocol

Can Infopoll Server be installed on our intranet?