Infopoll Web Survey Suite;

The industry-standard survey design, data collection and business intelligence analysis server engine


The Infopoll Web Survey Suite is a universal data collection, analysis and decision support suite. More precisely, it is a next-generation e-commerce relationship management, online market research and intelligence decision support tool that enables you to understand your clients, employees, partners and markets in order to make better and faster decisions.

"At Borland we required a fast and reliable online survey solution and Infopoll came through with flying colors. We required a survey solution that would get us up and running quickly and handle a heavy submission load. With Infopoll we went from survey design to receiving tens of thousands of submissions and running live online reports the very same day. Every step was extremely simple, but when we did have questions, Infopoll was there with prompt and knowledgeable support. We highly recommend this company"

Michael Swindell,  Director of Products

The Infopoll Web Survey Suite has everything you need to enable you to author and deploy questionnaires, collect feedback and intelligence, and analyze and deliver actionable results in real time so you can make better informed and faster decisions. The Infopoll Survey Suite consists of two components - Infopoll Designer and Infopoll Server Engine.

By harnessing the power of Infopoll technologies, the Infopoll Business Intelligence Suite helps you to: