How Infopoll Works - View the 7 Step Process Or Take A Guided Tour

With Infopoll, anyone can create and conduct an online survey quickly, easily and professionally. There is no knowledge of html, database and scripts required. Infopoll is the only survey tool you will ever need. 

Take a look at the following seven steps process to see how easily you can use Infopoll to conduct a survey, anytime, anywhere:

  1. Create a professional-looking questionnaire quickly and easily with the Infopoll Designer
  2. Preview your form in a browser
  3. Simulate the survey results with a built-in simulation engine before going live
  4. Publish your questionnaire with the click of a button
  5. Execute your survey by email, web, newsgroup, telephone interview, paper, fax and more
  6. Monitor your survey progress anytime
  7. Analyze your results and deliver a real-time analysis report

Infopoll Designer - How to Make A Survey Design - Flash Demo

The following flash demo shows how anyone can create and conduct online surveys easily, quickly and professionally.

Infopoll - Customizations :Are not limited to just survey Projects. Customizations can be used for any type of data collection project.

If you have a creative project idea that Infopoll does not support currently,(out of the box) let us know. We are always eager to take on a new challenge and would enjoy making a custom fit for you. We have had plenty of extremely successful custom work experiences and our satisfied customers list continues to grow rapidly.