Internet Survey Hosting

Overview Online is the ideal survey solution for companies and individuals interested in quickly and easily conducting a survey online. Infopoll provides everything you need. 

You can quickly create Web-based surveys and host them on With Infopoll all it takes is the click of a button to deploy your Web survey to the Infopoll Hosting Server. With Infopoll Server, you can monitor your survey results instantly, and a variety of reports are available to easily analyze your results anytime and anywhere.

How it works

  1. You download Infopoll Designer - an easy to use questionnaire design tool from our Web site. With Infopoll Designer, you can create a questionnaire quickly, easily and professionally in no time. 

  2. With one button click, you can publish your questionnaire to Infopoll Server online. You will be immediately informed of your survey form web address, ready to go live. 

  3. You send you email invitation to potential responses by email or newsgroup or to put on your web site. Be sure to include the complete survey form address in your email invitation message.

  4. Respondents simply click the hyperlink to your survey form to go directly to a web browser to fill out your form when receiving your invitation. When complete, simply click "submit button". The data will be sent directly to Infopoll Server, which automatically handles everything for you.

  5. You can log into your account at anytime from a web browser 

    • to monitor your survey progress

    • to view live and updated results

    • to look at your survey data from any angle and create special live and deliverable reports with tables and charts

    • to export complete or partial survey data

    • and more...

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Cost effective

Infopoll survey hosting service best meets your budget and business requirements. Since all the back-end support for Infopoll Online is hosted by Infopoll, you immediately receive all the benefits of the Infopoll Business Intelligence Suite without the up-front hardware and software costs.

Enjoy the latest and proven survey host technology have hosted over 10000 surveys worldwide. Infopoll has the technology that you can rely on to conduct a successful survey faster, easier and more professionally. World-class companies have come to Infopoll for fast solutions.  See what Infopoll customers had to say...

Quick and easy

With Infopoll, anyone can quickly create a professionally-looking questionnaire, and have it immediately ready for live data collection without needing any technical assistance.

Immediate deployment

Once you create your survey questionnaire, it is just a button click to put your survey online. No need to write scripts, create databases and manually collect data. Once your Web survey has been deployed to the Infopoll Server, you can manage your survey online. You control the survey process via the Internet.

Immediate and interactive feedback

With Infopoll's powerful survey and analysis engine, you can

It has never been so easy to conduct a professional survey. I am sure that you will be proud to find out you CAN DO IT without asking your IT team for technical assistance!