Infopoll - Questions & Answers

(updated Oct 2009)

Does Infopoll support multiple languages such as French, Japanese, Chinese etc.?

Yes. You can use the FREE Infopoll Designer tool to design(in the language of your choice) and publish the survey to your private account. Once the publish form is translated we can customize the survey to automatically merge the data into one dataset for analysis and reporting. We have successfully completed multi-language projects in over 22 languages.

What operation systems do you support for Infopoll Designer Version 8.0 ?

You can use any Microsoft Win32 operating system. We currently support Microsoft Windows 7.0, Vista, XP, XP home, ME, 2000.

Do you offer customize programming for our special requirements?

Yes. We excell at custom projects. We have successfully designed various custom projects for a variety of customers and industries. Because we are able to use our core product as a solid base to work from, customers are usually plesently surprised on how quickly we can complete even the most complex projects. If you have any special requirements, please email your requirements to the Infopoll support team for a quote.( or call us at 902-435-6494 to discuss your ideas.

How can I purchase an unline survey account to host my survey project?

You can call our sales department at 902-864-9789 or contact them via email,

Most survey companies only offer email support. Does infopoll offer Real-time support and provide a number that I can Call?

Yes. You can go to the "Contact Us" page or call us at 902-864-9789

Does Infopoll utilize secure socket layer to provide secure surveys and administrator account access ?

Infopoll uses Secure socket layer (SSL) for all aspects of a survey project, including Survey form response data(data collection), administrator account log in, data export.

Infopoll Designer 8.0 was released on May, 8, 2008, what changes or additions have been included?

Infopoll Designer Ver 8.0 provides 3 additional question types: Bipolar, Constant Sum, Ranking Order. You can now publish through any Firewall without setting up any special Firewall or Proxy information.

Apple Computers (Mac): What options do I have to run the Infopoll designer on a Mac OS X operating system?

The Infopoll Designer does not run directly on a Mac operation system however, you could try the following options:

Option 1: Parallels Desktop available at and at retail stores.

Option 2: Apple's own Boot Camp, currently a free product available at Camp is a built-in feature for the latest version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Version 10.6

Option 3 - VM Ware - Fusion:(for Mac Desktop Virtualization)

Example - Apple iMac, Intel CPU, Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Version 10.6, VMware - (Ver 2 or greater), Fusion - Running Windows XP Pro.

Where are your servers located?

We own and manage our own servers which are located in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Do you provide FREE testing time in a private account, if so how much?

We provide (Free) private test accounts and offer as much free testing time as reqired. You can conduct a pilot test, make changes to your design, delete and re-publish your design as required. You can select your going live start date, for your project.